Félix Ramiro, a firm specialising in men’s design, has been dressing the most important moments in a man’s life for more than three decades. Avant-garde, design and trend come together in a brand that continues to respect the values of tradition and craftsmanship.

Groom suits with precise and refined lines, ceremony collections with impeccable finishes, design-rich executive and sports garments and trends for everyday wear. These are just some examples of the firm’s expertise and adaptability to the demands of its customers.

The designer Félix Ramiro is, without a doubt, the alma mater and essence of the firm. After more than thirty years of experience, he is considered to be one of Spain’s major designers in men’s fashion. However, he started from a humble and passionate beginning. Always tied to the world of design and fashion, since the eighties, Félix Ramiro began to discover his true vocation as a tailor in the small tailoring workshop of his uncle Dionisio Rodríguez.

Having learnt the trade, with his design studies in Madrid and the 2nd National Design Award under his arm, Félix Ramiro started a new venture to become an entrepreneur and trendsetter in men’s fashion. Since 1988, Félix Ramiro has been designing and making his suits and accessories, becoming a leader in style and expanding across the country.

Since 2004, this entrepreneur’s vision of the future saw his first results with the expansion of his store, currently with stores in Madrid, Toledo, Talavera de la Reina, Malaga, Valencia, Ciudad Real (Tomelloso), A Coruña and Romania.

His unstoppable career has led him to take part for the first time, in 2021, in the Mercedes Benz Fashion WeekMadrid, a key event for Spanish fashion and a great example of designer fashion in our country. He also presented his new collection in New York City, expanding the international possibilities of his designs.